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Helplessly in love         

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My Questions: 1. Describe your personal style in three words 2. How would you spend $500 3. Do you believe your life has a purpose? What is it? 4. Best childhood memory? 5. 3 longterm goals 6. 3 short term goals 7. Any regrets? 8. Do you like chocolate? 9. How did you get over your last breakup? 10. If you had it your way, how would you change the world? 11. Ten things you love about yourself, your partner or something else of your choice. I tag nyny-world blacklonerism herdreadsrock wiltingcarnations potatoesequalsfrenchfries bishopmyles detroitdreads313 yokhakidfiasco theonlyvee mizzpuppeteer domierdosh

mo 1. Dark, undefined, evolving 2. I would spend $200 (makeup, fragrance, skincare, clothes, etc) and put put the rest in my savings 3. Yes. I believe my purpose is to to save lives. Whether with my smile or my (in the works) med certification(s) 4. Going to London for first time is forever in my heart. What an amazing trip. 5. Get into a wonderful med school, lose weight, be at some kind of peace 6. Make it through the week meltdown free, drink more water, take my twists out 7. No. I think it is stupid for one to hold on to regrets. Our decisions and situations, whether bad or good propel us to a new stage of our lives. 8. All chocolate is good. White chocolate is bomb 9. Well…I just did. It wasn’t too hard. My anger outweighed any feelings of longing. Soon the person faded from my life altogether. 10. There is so much hypocrisy in the world. So much hate. If only everyone cared for the good of others. I wish bad people did not disguise themselves as good. I wish the wholesome, loving people of the world could overpower the prejudice and evil. 11. I love my thighs I love my lips I love my eyes I love his kisses I love his hugs I love his laugh I love hearing his voice I love when we cuddle I love the way we treat each other I love seeing him after being away for a long time

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"Be with someone who would drive five hours, just to see you for one."

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I recently purchased some studio fix. I don’t think the color is right. Sometimes the people at the MAC counter suck absolute ass.
Like if a doctor fucked up a prescription, that somebody’s life….
Got me out here lookin all kinda cray

reblog if you want anons but in reality no one is going to send you anything and will just reblog this

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